Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Wildliffe abounds

Goats at the chapel

Horses in the field

Lamb at the office

Roosters in the pen

Bird on the wing

Suspension bridge on campus

On one of the hiking paths

Shirley pausing

One of the many camper cabins

The pool

The furnace

Full sails

Nice view of the campground

Free firewood

I know it’s a pain to be reading the blog almost a day late but we do our NOMADS stuff beginning at 8 AM with breakfast and go to our duties. Not enough internet connection at our campsite so I need to drive over to the office parking lot, which happens after dinner. Yesterday was a day off and we went into town about 30 minutes away for Church, walked and drove around the town of Irvine with a population of about 3000. We came back to Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center for a walking tour. We took a hike then toured the campus. It is certainly beautiful here. Then we walked over to the historic Fitchburg Furnace. It is the largest iron ore smelting furnace in the world. Of course it was in service back in the 1800’s but it has been restored with an interpretive walk. Very nice. We had dinner at the camp dining hall with the councilors and some of the early arriving kids. Camp starts each Monday. After dinner we learned what our job will be for the days we work. There is a maintenance warehouse that is in great need of organization. We will be working upstairs in a barn like structure straightening up. Then, they want us to do some painting and spackling in a house that is going to occupied by employees of the camp. Secondarily, the space we make in the warehouse will be filled by materials being used to complete the house renovation. There is a lot of work for two people let me tell you. But, as always it is great to be serving and be around such nice and helpful people who really appreciate what we are doing. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the pics.

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