Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Our Heron was back

There's a fungus amoung us

Our camper from across the bay

Clearing skys

The Orilio Mansion

Yup, there it is

No back yard neighbors

They boys watching the Yankee game

Justin and Gwen at desert

Yes, today is our 15 month anniversary of being full timers. We are not tired of it and look forward to each new adventure. See yesterday's blog for 15 month trip statistics. After a rainy start the day cleared nicely and we got a few final shots at the campground as Shirley did some walking around. Then we travelled about 20 miles to Justin and Gwen's house for dinner and an overnight. We seem to always get the Orilio's in trouble with our truck camper. We were able to pull it in front of their house but when we left for desert a neighbor was taking pictures. We are leaving later this morning but I am sure they will be getting a greetings letter from the HOA. They have a beautiful big house and Gwen cooked a wonderful pasta dish and with help from Justin and Shirley. It is such a pleasure to see Justin, who we have known his entire life, grow into such an outstanding adult and to have chosen Gwen who is truly a fun person as his wife. We love these "kids". Shirley is doing a bit better and once again she has shared her sniffles with me but I think I'll make it. Enjoy the pics.

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