Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Camper going out for the day

Look closely

Another shot

Flying away


Peaceful scene

Always high tide

We'll remember this place

Blue skys up above....

Baby catfish

Not enough for dinner

In age order. Dave, me, Lois, Shirely, Justin and Gwen

Justin and Gwen

Dave and Lois

It is about as close to being family you can get without being related. Last night we went to dinner with Dave and Lois Slade and Justin and Gwen Orilio. Dave and Lois went to Geneseo but we did not meet them until my radio announcer days where Dave was my fist Program Director boss. We became fast friends and have been for over 39 years. If it wasn't great enough catching up with them, joining us were Justin and Gwen. Justin is the youngest son of our buddies Don and Jeanne and interestingly enough, they too went to Geneseo! So we had a mini BF'er banquet at Red Robin and Coldstone Creamery ....yum! We had such a wonderful time catching up. Since Dave and Lois live in the general vicinity of Justin and Gwen they have seen each other on numerous occasions plus all four of them are frequent participants at the annual BF'er banquet (reunion). We were planning on taking in a minor league baseball game in Durham, but this super campground has one annoying rule that the gate is locked at 9 PM and no one can get in after that hour. So the game was scratched in favor of dinner and an excellent time was had by all. OK today is the last day of our 15th month on the road and since it is raining this morning here are the trip STATS that some of you are interested in. We have driven a total of 35,199 miles of which 5,906 are in year two.We have spent $11,883 on fuel of which $1,852 is in year two. Our average fuel cost for year two is $3.94 per gal. vs $3.93 per gal in year one. Our average mpg has gone up in year two 12.56 vs 11.67 in yr. one (7% increase). Lodging cost for the entire trip to date are $7,070 with $1,603 in yr two. We have saved a total of $1,858 with our club memberships of which $619 is in year two. Our average nights stay has gone up in year two, $17.61 ($18.50 w/tax) vs. $14.78 ($15.67 w/tax) a 16% increase. In year two we have had 25 free nights whch makes 152 free nights since we left. On fun stuff we have spent $3833 total ($718 in year two) and saved $711 or 18% on our trip. We are still having the time of our lives and wouldn't trade this adventure for anything and are looking forward to all that is ahead of us. Enjoy the pics.

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