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Carpe at Live Oak Wal*Mart

A bit of mist on I 10

Tue, 19 Dec: Continuing along the Panhandle...

The Florida Panhandle is pretty long. We spent time yesterday and all day today driving and we're still in the Panhandle.

We had a quiet nite at the Crestview Wal*Mart and awoke rested around half past six. We got ourselves and Carpe ready for the road. But first, we got parked in and had to back up, which means we had to disconnect the car, back the coach, and then reconnect the car. We try to avoid such situations but on occasion they happen. Part of the "game".

Bob rolled wheels at 0845 and we were quickly back on the Interstate. There were predictions of fog, but the worst we got was some lite mist. We changed drivers roughly half way and broke for lunch at a rest stop. We also crossed into the Eastern Time Zone, which means we got an hour older.

Sandi pulled into the Live Oak Wal*Mart a few minutes after five (EST) where we found a nice level spot to call our own. We're settled in for the nite and ready for tomorrow, which should be our last day on the road. We're about 235 miles from our destination.

Today we drove 227 miles with a fuel economy just south of 8½ mpg.

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