North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Monday 19th Sept - Temora - look around town

Today was our original expected day for departure but we’ve decided to extend our stay another two days (five days total) and hopefully our campground will dry out. Hopefully less squish into the plastic scuffs, and less of a feeling of walking on a large sponge - maybe even we will lose the sight of brown water coming to the service outside the van door. We’re going to drive into town for a look around but Ron n Hazel don’t think there area is going to dry out so Ron has shifted their van 20m to a slightly higher part which is drier. Ron 'n Jan think they’ll sit it out. Now we have to shout to each other to check up if it’s time for a cuppa.

The town of Temora is very nice, wide streets and wide footpaths. We’ve added to the Temora economy and picked up a couple of pies for our 2:30pm lunch. In the afternoon we paid the caretaker for our extra 2 nights and she has informed us that because we’ve paid for 5 nights we can have an extra 2 nights for free - we’d better think about that - it’s very soft, boggy, squishy, and difficult to move around the campsite. But it’s very tempting to stay extra time in this lovely town, and explore the surrounding areas. we’ll decide tomorrow. It’s rather cold tonight so we hunker down early in our separate vans.

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