Wednesday July 10 Ross & Marge left the Canyon Farms RV Park in Kelowna, British Columbia for the River Oaks RV Park in Oroville, Washington. They left the campground at 0925 and arrived at the US/Canada border crossing at 1155. The US Customs Officer was the friendliest Customs Officer they had ever encountered. The customers officer was a young women that was elevationally challenged (short) and she had very a hard time seeing Ross and was absolutely not going to be able to see Marge so she came around to the entry side and came inside motorhome where she met Zephyr (our dog). She is a dog person and spent as much time petting Zephyr as she did asking Ross & Marge questions. After customs was finished with Ross and Marge they were turned over to the Agriculture Inspector who was afraid of dogs and made Ross take the dog outside the motorhome while he inspected the motorhome and stole the tomatoes. Upon leaving the motorhome with the stolen tomatoes in his hand he said to Ross that Canadian tomatoes were not allowed in the US. Ross was very tempted to ask the Ag guy if Canadian tomatoes are not allowed in the US what the hell are they doing in every Costco Store Ross has ever been in in the US.

The weather this morning was cool but in the sun it was very warm and as the morning progressed the temperatures climbed and it was in the mid 90’s in Oroville this afternoon. Ross and Marge had a late lunch in a small restaurant in town. The campground is located along the banks of the Similkameen River and their campsite is no more than 50 feet from the river. There is a moderate breeze and there are trees providing shade and even late in the afternoon when the temperature was at its peak it was comfortable in the shade. Ross & Marge plan on staying here for two nights.

Travel from Kelowna to Penticton was slow because of construction and congestion in Kelowna, construction between Kelowna and Penticton and two lane very curvy roads south of Penticton. The road surface was good to fair in Canada but from the border to Oroville the road surface was excellent but that is the first 5 miles into the US so it will surely get worse as they travel south.

In the previous journal entry Ross described the Canyon Farms RV Park as one of the finest campgrounds they had ever visited and that is true with one exception, they water. The water pressure is excellent but the turbidity of the water is terrible. The water clogged the ceramic filters and Ross had to clean the filters twice in the 72 hours they stayed at the camp. According to Marge’s classmate they visited the water is turbid in the entire town because all their water is surface water and the water system was originally designed for agricultural uses so filtration systems have never been built. Apparently the water is deemed satisfactory to drink but Ross and Marge reverted to bottled water for their coffee in the morning.

The scenery today was a combination of the Okanagan Lake and the associated vacation homes and business between Kelowna and Penticton and primarily agricultural activities south of Penticton all the way to Oroville, Washington. The mountains are low but steep in places with a lot of dried out vegetation, trees and rock.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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