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We learnt of Daylesford from a local in Byron Bay - she recommended it as a nice way to end the great ocean road, as it is known for its natural springs and spas. Unfortunately, the main place with all of the natural pools outside was closed for renovations, but we did get to check out another bathouse in Hepburn Springs (right beside Daylesford). We spent the morning here swimming in their bath pools and getting a massage, it was a great way to start the day, especially since it was raining outside. And by the time we finished inside, the sun was shining outside! We went and did some touring of the area in the afternoon. Daylesford has a lake in town and also mineral pumps around it that you can fill your water bottles with. So Clint and I decided to take a walk around the lake and refresh with some nice drinking water. However, once we found a pump to get water out of, Clint couldn't even drink it; he spit the first gulp out all over the ground. It wasn't what we were expecting! We went and saw a few other sites, stopped at the local butcher to pick up meat for supper and called er a night!

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