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Sign for Settlers Watch









Today we are heading to the Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio, but we made a couple of stops along the way in Lorain to see Settlers' Watch and the Lorain Light House.

Settlers’ Watch is a beautiful garden and sculpture area in the oldest neighborhood in Lorain. It was known both as the Black River Settlement and then Charleston Village. The project was not planned but came about because the local utility had to cut down 19 trees in the neighborhood. The Portside Chairperson for the Charleston Village came up with the idea of carving the stumps into an avenue of art reflecting the maritime history of the area. The utility agreed to leave the stumps and the money was raised for the carving and gardening efforts. The carving was done by Bud Emerson. The plan for the area has since changed and now several of the carvings are in memory of the community's lost war heros.

The project is ongoing and the plan is to continue down the street and carve the stumps left on the neighborhood lawns.

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