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Morning Tea, Lefteris Villa

Wiki Info Santorini

Ferry to Santorini...up at 5am Sunday, quiet just the rattle of our wheels in the dark, narrow cobblestone streets to the Metro. Sunrise over Athens, very hazzy! Amazing how this huge ship almost effortlessly maneuvers out of the harbor crowded with vessels of all sizes.

Blue sky, radiant tea sea ahead. The 8+hrs. 'flew by playing crib (Mari won) and rummy (I won).

First stop was Paros Island Wiki Info Paros home of pure white marble from which Venus de Milo and Nepoleon's tomb were carved. Next stop Naxos Wiki Info Naxos...Blue Star Ferry stops at this large, beautiful, green island of agriculture - olives, grapes, figs, citrus, corn, & potatoes. Passed Ios an hour before arriving at Santorini.

Off the ferry was a bus to main town, Fira, where a man asked if we needed a place. Usually we resist the touts but this fellow said it was his own hotel, showing us a brochure with pictures. He said it would be $35 euros for 3 of us. We agreed to follow him and look at the place. It was a hike uphill for about 15 minutes, then down a bit. The room had a single and a double bed with a nice balcony but Bon was not happy. She asked if there was one with separate beds & did $35 include breakfast! Not included! He offered another much larger room with 4 beds but Bon & Mari felt it was too cave-like. He then said we could have two rooms, the first we looked at and a second with a single bed for $5 euro more. Bon suggested we look elsewhere even though the $35 deal was fine with Mari & I. Finally the man, known as Lefteris, said we could have the original room for 2 nights for $60 euros. Sold! Went for a long walk up to top of nearby hill and watched the sunset.

This is a very fine place to visit in off season - peaceful, no traffic, locals laid back and very welcoming. Only drawback is the cold in the eve/night. Little 'pain', much pleasure!

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