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Our view and our tent.

Typical caiman next to our Canoe. Quite common place and they dont...

A short walk and we meet all sorts of critters

And bigger ones

Hungry for bread crumbs? A lesser yellow footed belly worbler

For those who cannot see it in your hemisphere (or near enough,...

In a way we are time filling now, with choice spots on the way to BA. One such spot was Esteros del Ibera, in the town of Pellegrini. Taking a real roundabout way to get here (Via Correntes and Mercedes), we were greeted with a very good looking campsite over looking the lake.

We spent our time strolling in the woods (very short) and paddling the lake (windy and also short) but all was pleasant and we had our own fun. Including taking pictures of the night sky (discovering ways our camera can be used)

We had some fun trying to get away though. With the multiple buses to get here and it not being on a main highway, we had some trouble finding a way out. The local people were telling us of buses at various times, not many matched. We settled on an attempted 11am or 1-2pm. We waited for both and none came. So some quick asking suggested a hitch hike instead. Typically, during our wait for a bus we could have chosen a few hitch hike, but when we decided on one, not many came. In the end we lucked out on a tourist 4x4 which had done a delivery of said tourists so we got a cheap return journey.

So, we are now back in Mercedes waiting for tonight's accommodation, consisting of a bus taking us on our next hop before BA called gsfjhngcsmc as far as we can pronounce it. Hopefully with a train museum.

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