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Walmart provides a safe place to spend the night, and some money.

Hazel and I have been on the road since Sunday afternoon, leaving our home in Princeton, Minnesota and traveling South to the Gulf Coast. Our first stop was an unplanned one, due to high head winds, but a pleasant one at the “Diamond Jo Casino” just inside the Iowa border at Northwood.

On Tuesday morning, we headed out early, before daybreak, and avoided the winds for several hours, spending the night at “Hickory Haven Camp” in Keokuk. This was an older RV park without WiFi or cable television, and the only two channels we could get with the roof antenna were both operated by an evangelical religious organization, so much for that. Fortunately, we have a bunch of DVD movies onboard.

On Wednesday, Hazel and I pretended to be retired, and hung around until noon checkout time, we walked the dogs, cooked breakfast, read the paper. Our next stop was to be Tupelo, Mississippi. To avoid the traffic of Memphis, I plotted a course to the East, missing much of the big city traffic, and we arrived at “Campground at Barnes Crossing” about dusk to find they were completely full, imagine that. Live and learn about making a reservation, so we spent the night at the luxurious Walmart RV Park a few miles away, arriving about the time the rain started to fall.

Talk about good sleeping weather! Nothing better to put you under is the sound of rain on a motorhome roof.

We’ve got a little problem with our generator, after spending a thousand bucks on it last year, I was dumb enough not to run the thing dry in the Fall, or fire it up every week or two, so now the darn thing won’t start. Even new carburetors get screwed up from not being treated right over the winter. So, we didn’t have any television last night (OMG!) and this morning I made coffee on the gas range with my old time coffee pot, just like the pioneers.

There is an Onan authorized service company in Biloxi who can get me back in electricity next week, by just throwing some money at them, and I am making a firm resolve to treat this generator better in the future. Reading the manual, you can actually void the warranty on these things by not running them for 15 minutes at least once a month. Onan Generators have a lock on the motorhome market, most rigs have them, and I think mine was on the original window sticker for something like $7,500 bucks. Prices are lower now, but I’ve seen a number of used motorhomes for sale for what the generator cost, or even less.

Now you know more than you want to know about RV generators.

7:15 AM CDST, time for me to turn the key and head out for our destination, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, about 300 miles South. No cooking this morning, Hazel and I will be having breakfast at a McDonald’s along the way.

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