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We travelled inland to Virpazar for a visit to Skadar Lake National Park. A town of 150 people and very few tourists staying there, we had met many of the locals within one hour of our arrival.

Offers of boat trips abounded, but we were most interested in the offer of a fresh fish dinner at a house for a very reasonable sum ($13 each). And we could bring our own bottle of wine. So with wine in hand we climbed the steps to the house. The girls we saw in town, but had not yet met, served us dinner. And what an impressive dinner it was. Fresh fish from the lake, wonderful salads and feta cheese. What we weren't devouring was being fed to the cats by Julia! Dinner was so good, we went again the next night and it was just as impressive!

The last day, we decided to take one of our first 'tours' of our trip - around Skadar Lake, Europe's largest, oldest deepest or something like that. So we were uninvited to the first boat by a French tour group - only wanted Frenchies aboard we figured. We ended up on a backup boat with a small group from Slovenia. The tour of the lake was a blur as we laughed, chatted, swam, drank red wine and ate more wonderful fresh fish with our new Slovenian friends. Truly an unforgettable experience and if we ever end up in these parts again (on touring bikes maybe!?), a return trip to Slovenia is in order.

Once back at our apartment, the most numerous and loudest frogs we have ever heard serenaded us to sleep once again.


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