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Ok, so we decided against the agro of a 12 hour train journey down to Goa as, although it looks beautiful and totally chilled out down there, it is also Monsoon season!

We checked out a few reports and pictures and stuff and it just didn't seem worth making the trip down there.

Hopefully we should get a bit of surf and relaxation time when we travel through Asia/Indonesia so no worries there.

So my job for today was to try and call BA to change the date of our flight (Mumbai to Hong Kong then a connecting flight from Hong Kong to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)).

Easy right?

No dice I'm afaid!

The BA website was of no help.

I called Trailfinders (who organised our tickets) back in the UK and was given some numbers to try.

They didn't work.

Then I called Trailfinders back.

They E-mailed me some more numbers for the Delhi office.

Again no joy.

I called my dad back in the uk to see if he could get through to any of the UK numbers.

He could. So there must have been a problem phoning from India to the UK then. Hmmm

I eventually got the girl at the reception of the hotel we were staying in to ask the Indian directory enquiries for any other Indian numbers to try.

I got a couple of numbers and tried them but as it was now 6pm (about 8 hours after I started this game!) the office was closed....

Grrrrrrr no worries, I'll have to try them again tomorrow.

Another night in India then.....

Oh we did manage to get a Macdonalds during the day though.

No beef in India (as cows are sacred!) so Em had a McChicken sandwich and I had a, wait for it, McChicken Maharajah Mac!!!


Don't moan mum, it's our first Macdonalds in India!


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