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The green sign shows a man falling off his bike in a...

Our first proper view of the Southern Alps.

The mountains in the distance. Rainforests next to snowy peaks.

The dorm area at "Rainforest Retreat", where we are staying in Franz...

As we are travelling with some Americans on our bus (Bill and Molly), thoughts of the US election are usually not far from our minds. Travelling gives lots of time for talk, debate and reading, so in some ways you become very aware of a lot of general human issues - well, a lot more than back home anyway. The US election, for one, has been a hot talking point for a while now!

As we left Barrytown and headed south down the West Coast, we all knew that back over in The States, decisions were being made.

Today we are heading down to Franz Josef Glacier - so for the next week we'll be in the Alps, amongst snow, ice and mountains. Saying that - it's not cold!

Arriving at Franz Josef, Helen and Gareth decide to jump off the bus for a few days to catch their breath again. Franz Josef is an area that deserves time and thought, and is also more different to Cornwall than any other place we've been to.

We went to the place where we are staying, the "Rainforest Retreat", where we moved into our cabins and got to know the area. We stayed with a guy called Chris, a lad from Derby (don't get mixed up with the Chris from the Cook Islands from Stoke, different guy!!). Chris is a great guy who is always full of stories about northern life and what it's like to be involved in inner-city gym.

That evening we went down the pub with the two Americans and James (fellow knifemaker from Bournmouth) to watch the election unfold. By 11pm it's pretty obvious watched going to happen (11am back in the UK, 4am New York) so we all head off. Just as we leave Helen's mum calls - it's always good to hear from a friendly face!!

Tomorrow we're booking our guided tour on the glacier, which should take place on Friday. From there we'll be going to the following places:


Milford Sound,

Te Anau,

Queenstown (will jump off the bus for a few days here),


Dunedin (Cadbury's World!!!),

then back to Christscurch by the 18th November. After that we are back to Auckland then across to Melbourne. Australia calls.

Just heard that one of our old mates from Penzance will be in Aus soon. She knows who she is. Go girl!! See you there ;-)

Drop us a message. Enjoy the pictures. Tell us your views, your thoughts and your ideas.

See you soon,

Lots of love, Gareth and Helen x x x

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