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lonesome road

on the border

mule deer

mule deer

Right after we filled up with fuel in Tonopah we saw a road sign: 167 miles until the next gas station. Luckily, after fueling we could go at least another 1,200. When we used to tow a 5th-wheel trailer that long interval could have been a problem. We traveled about 150 miles before we saw another vehicle going our direction. I guess if we have spent nuclear fuel to bury, desolate Nevada would be the place. Along the way we saw signs warning that loose cattle could be on the road. But most of the time we saw fencing, so we weren't too concerned until a herd of mule deer took off right in front of us. With their spring-like legs, they leaped over the fence as if it were nothing or just a fun game. We've also seen some groups of wild horses. Better to take those signs more seriously.

We are camped at another oasis, but this one has some unique qualities. It's right on the Nevada - Utah border. Of course, the casino and liquor store/bar are on the NV side and the motel/restaurant/gas station are on the UT side. If we had parked the motor home more precisely, we could be sleeping in different states tonight. We've come here to visit a national park we've never heard of. More on that tomorrow.

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