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Our bright red trolley

We started with a hearty breakfast

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

The lighthouse towers over the keepers home

The keepr's house was authentically furnished

The water really is that blue - and very clear

One of our docent guides in a lightkeeper's uniform

View from the tower of the upper Range Light Lighthouse to the...

Cana Lighthouse towers over the trees

Cana Lighthouse has steel plating on the outside

View of Lake Michigan far below us

Cana Lighthouse

Good looking couple!

Nice picture

View of the village of Ephraim across the bay

Sister Bay, WI Today we let someone else do the driving but before joining our tour group, we dropped into the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek for their famous Door County Cherry-stuffed French toast. Wow! Not only was the White Gull Inn a lovely setting, the meal was delicious. It was such a generous portion even Jim could not finish. Fueled up for the day, we headed to Egg Harbor and our trolley. Our driver, John, talked non-stop for the entire day. We covered some territory that was familiar to us and ventured into other areas that were new to us. One of our stops was Eagle Bluff Lighthouse where a docent gave us lots of history. She told us the delivery of Library Boxes to lighthouse keepers by the lighthouse tender ship began in 1876. On each visit the ship would deliver a box containing about 50 books – history, poetry, fiction, and scientific works. The books were carefully chosen based on “a good standard” since these were the basis for the children’s home schooling. Folks really looked forward to these deliveries, eager to see what books where included each time. We also spent some time at Cana Island Lighthouse. This lighthouse was interesting because we had to cross a causeway to get to it and part of the causeway was under water and getting worse each year. Climbing 97 steps to the top of the tower gave us quite a view. After our trolley adventure we stopped at an orchard store where we learned about a new apple called SweeTango - offspring of Honeycrisp and Zestar! apples. The SweeTango, an early season apple expected to give the wildly popular Honeycrisp a run for its money, was developed by the University of Minnesota, renowned for its apple breeding program. The U of Minnesota developed the Honeycrisp more than 20 years ago. This new apple is a big hit as far as we are concerned. The problem is that is has limited availability. Nebraska is not one of the markets.

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