Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

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All this flying is getting wearing, although this one was only two hours over the Andes. At the hotel we met the rest of the group who were even more tired, having flown all night from the US. After a meet and greet Luis prepared us for adventures that lie ahead. Looking around the room I have some doubts that we will all be able to keep up. Luis is a charming, kind hearted man and he will handle us appropriately. To celebrate our first day we drank frennet and Coke - a bitter tasting herbal liquor, which I never need to drink again.

Then to keep us awake we had a tango lesson. A patient father/daughter team had us gliding around the floor in no time. The move where you cross your ankles, shift your weight and keep moving was where most of us got off the train. Just don't watch the video.

Our welcome dinner took place in the oldest building in Buenos Aries from 1778. There are no earth quakes here as there are in Santiago, so if something didn't burn down along the way, it could still be here. The couple who runs the building has excavated lots of interesting materials from the tunnel that ran through their basement and used to be used as a garbage pit.

A vegetarian would suffer in this country. We had rounds of bite sized tastes of all sorts of organ meats we normally no longer eat, topped off with amazing steaks. Anything we ate that wasn't meat was incidental. Leather goods, another byproduct from all that meat are for commonly for sale at a variety of different price points.

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