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Our camp site at Casey's Riverside RV...right on the river side


The North Fork and Middle Fork Williamette Rivers converge

AMTRAK passing in the trees across the river

Office Bridge, the longest covered bridge in the state

Most covered bridges are painted white

This one also has a pedestrian passageway

Vehicle passageway

The train crossing the river

The entrance on the other side of the bridge

Wednesday we left the beautiful Rogue River, one of the so called “green” rivers because of it’s very green, but not algae, color. We are off to Westfir in the low mountains southeast of Eugene, Oregon on Hwy 58. GPS Google Earth: 43.760115 -122.526109 Elevation 1041 feet (above the fog, they say....and below the snow)

Near the town of Oakridge, the mountain bike capital of Oregon, Westfir was once a logging town (as was Oakridge). The mill closed in the 1970s. Besides tourism, there is is little economy happening here.

Instead of the Rogue River, we are now situated on the famous Willamette River, or up this high in the mountains, I should say “rivers”. There are at least three “forks” of the river - north, middle and coast. Maybe there is even a south fork. All of them make up the mighty Willamette down river as it travels north toward Portland and the huge Columbia River.

The town of Westfir, over the river, around the bend, has a wonderful covered bridge, as you can see from the pictures.

Oakridge has a fish hatchery which is more than just a hatchery. Unfortunately, when we went on Thursday afternoon, we were not prepared with sweaters and camera. However, besides the hatchery tanks, there is a museum, an interpretive nature trail, a small bird aviary and an instructional hatchery education miniature golf structure. We only visited the tanks and then took the interpretive trail hike.

It’s been raining today, Friday, and yesterday afternoon. But the rain is lovely. We’ve got fog (?) or clouds rising from our campground up into the pine studded hills surrounding us. Watching the rain, the fog and the river helps soothe the nerves while we are listening to the unhappy news about the ISIS taking Iraq, and the Taliban/Al Qaeda releases from GITMO and the "coyotes" from cartels and children brought from Central America and thousands of families illegally crossing the border.

In the meantime, we’ll try to enjoy this world close around us and know that God really is in control of what goes on in the greater world “out there”.

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