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Carpe at Greenwood Acres in Jackson
Note blocks under front wheels due to...

Some trees are beginning to "turn" along I 75

Construction along US 127
OK guys, why are the barrels in my lane???

We stayed on US 127 thru Lansing

Another view of Carpe at Greenwood Acres

The site was so uneven that we had to deploy our "lumber...

Of course we couldn't pass on a Teddy Bear Factory

Bob with his new friend

Flag made up of small Teddy Bears

We visited Hillsdale College—A "bucket list" item

Sandi with "The Gipper"

Hillsdale College's Iconic Clock Tower

Hillsdale College Library reading room

The Hillsdale Library boasts the entire Mises collection

The library features a Gadson flag

Tue, 10 Sep: A non-rainy road day...

The forecasts for today were for rain, rain, and more rain. We awoke to a hazy sunrise without a rain cloud in sight. Breakfast and then getting ready for the road were next.

We were pretty well shoehorned into our space at Robert's Landing but Bob did a masterful job of getting Carpe out and to the campground's dump site. It was ten days since we'd last dumped our holding tanks so it was probably time.

We hooked up the car, finished the checklist, and rolled wheels about 0915. We had a choice; head south on US 23 to Cheboygan and then west to I 75 or head north to Mackinaw City and I 75. Given that Bob was driving it was his choice, and he opted for Mac City.

We took I 75 south to the junction with US 127. US 127 is a very nice highway that is divided, limited access most of the way. A lunch stop near Clare and then thru Lansing to I 94 at Jackson. We exited I 94 just east of Jackson and took some local roads to the Greenville Acres RV, a Passport America park with more than 1,100 sites.

It was a very good 275 miles under sunny skies with some wind and lite traffic. We'll be here thru Friday playing tourist. There is a teddy bear factory nearby, as well as the Kalamazoo Air Museum, Kellogg in Battle Creek, and Hillsdale College. All are an easy drive so it'll be tourist time.

Thu, 12 Sep: A busy few days in Jackson...

Tuesday evening's forecast was for severe thunderstorms with 60 mph winds and quarter size hail. We got Carpe ready for the storm by stowing our satellite and broadcast TV antennae and retracting the slides. We dodged the bullet with nothing more than rain squalls and some winds, but nothing in the 60 mph range.

Wednesday we drove to Ann Arbor for a Costco "fix". Natch we dined at the Food Court, which we enjoy mostly for the ambiance...

On the way back we stopped in Chelsea to visit the Chelsea Teddy Bear factory. Alas, they do not do weekday factory tours so we could only look thru the windows at the bears coming off the line. They have many bears but we left with no new additions to our collection.

Which brings us to today. We have long admired Hillsdale College in Hillsdale Michigan. It is a very old school, having been founded in the early nineteenth century. Their most endearing philosophy is their steadfast refusal to take any government money. No grants, no subsidies, no student loans (their endowment covers private loans and/or scholarships).

They have some noted conservative thinkers on their faculty and Constitutional Studies is a requirement for graduation. We got to meet several students and we were very impressed. There is some hope for this country after all with students of this caliber.

To say we enjoyed our visit is an understatement. Please view a few of the many pix we took while on campus.

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