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North Spit wetland

Wetland reflections

Marsh Wren singing

Soft moss on Bluebird trail

Sparkling diamonds

Banana Slug

Head's up slug!

Bluebill Lake

Catkins - tiny flowers

Salal Blossoms

A Garter snake we startled on the trail

Dutchman's Breeches or Bleeding Heart wildflower

Triplet Lily

Triplet Lily close-up

Date: April 26, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Bullard’s Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon

Weather: mostly sunny

Temperature: start 48º

High 55º

Wildlife count: Gadwall, Collared Dove, Pelagic Cormorant, Double-crested Cormorant, Western Gull, Common Murre, Great Blue Heron, Rock Squirrel, Canyon Wren, Black-tailed Deer, Yellowlegs, Bufflehead, White-winged Scoter,

When we awoke this morning, there was no power, which meant no coffee – horrors! It didn’t take long to make the decision to go out to breakfast at the Minute Café. Their hazelnut toast is excellent and so is their coffee.

Since the sun was shining, we checked out our birding haunts in Bandon, and then filled the propane tank and mailed Mom’s Mother’s Day gift.

The sun was STILL shining, so we drove up to Coos Bay and explored the North Spit of the Coos Bay. We hiked around Bluebill Lake and checked out lots of seasonal lakes. Due to the abundant rainfall the past few days, even trails were under water. We heard a new bird, and finally found it – a very tiny Marsh Wren, with a VERY big voice. We also discovered a small Garter snake and a Banana slug along the trail.

Because of the power outage, staff at the Fish and Wildlife office used the time to clean out some closets. They found, among other things, a container of 14 binoculars, that we can use for our birding walks. So, when we got back to town, we spent some time transferring boxes of binoculars between the SEA office and the FWS offices. Lunch was skipped, so dinner was early – a throw together meal of ham, green beans, bow-tie pasta in a homemade Alfredo sauce. (Our tri-tip had not thawed.)

We enjoyed a walk on the beach after dinner.

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