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The Parthenon (& Tim)

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Bus ride Albania to Athens, Greece went thru some very beautiful countryside...grapes, olive groves, orange groves, lots of sheep, not so many goats, a few cows, high, snowcapped mountain peaks, and colorful seashores with clear teal colored water.

Off bus & short walk to Metro where we took advantage of our age and paid the senior rate of .70 euro to get to Sintagma Sq. Another short walk to The Student & Travellers IYH Hostel (formerly "Inn"). A 4 bed dorm with ensuite bathroom just $16 euro each! Went to nearby cafe and had moustaffa which did not impress me but then most foods don't. The price impressed me alot...$10 euro! Gotta say I don't see how the locals can take it but then I doubt at $500 euro/month ave. income they eat in these places, just us sucker tourists!

It's still cold at night too, even colder here than Albania! Glad they have heaters in the rooms and provide lots of blankets.


A rapid rush around Athens to avoid getting stuck here due to a proposed strike on Monday which will keep ferries in Athens at least until Wed, much longer than we need or can afford both in time & $$. Bon was less than pleased with restorations at the Acropolis which she remembers fondly from her last visit in early 70s. I felt no such displeasure, although, it was obvious what was 'new' and what was truely old/ancient. Still, I cannot feel convinced that ALL the structure was exclusively from 700-400BC. Once again we saw evidence of megalithic stonework, in my belief originating from a time far earlier...10,000BC?+

The National Archaeological museum was huge, fantastic collection of major historic material. What was really nice was the descriptive signage in English, very appreciated. On my feet for 5-6 hours took a toll on my back of all things, you'd think my feet would suffer more.

Wiki Info National Archaeological Museum

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