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And west of the Continental Divide!

The colors of fall arrive in the Rockies!

Hilltop view of Pagosa Springs!

Where we stay!

Downtown along the San Juan River!

Home to spas & hot mineral springs!

It takes a little of this....

to fit into new skinny jeans!

We learned of Pagosa Springs from Caitlin when she and Jordan vacationed here a few months ago! It seemed a perfect destination and comfortable day's drive from Denver, taking us once again west of the Continental Divide as we crossed Wolf Creek Pass at almost 11,000 feet.

We spent 4 wonderful days and nights in total uncustomary self-indulgence! This small mountain town in southern Colorado, situated on the San Juan River, boasts world-famous hot mineral waters. We stayed at The Spa (and RV park) near downtown, a somewhat funky laid back arrangement of swimming pools, hot tubs and individual, really hot pools and steam rooms in the men's and women's facilities. The water temps ranged from 90 to a scalding 108 degrees!

The environment was one of total relaxation in a serene, secluded setting. We read books by the pool: Lynda - "A Most Wanted Man" by John Le Carre and Howard - "Stormy Weather" by Carl Hiassen. If you're familiar with Hiassen you can understand why Howard experiences serious bouts of uncontrollable laughter! We met lots of locals who come here on a daily basis or just when they have a couple of hours, to rejuvenate in the healing waters.

I fought back guilt (haha!) and scheduled a full-body massage, herbal mud wrap and facial!! It has been years since I had a massage; I'm thinking Hot Springs, Arkansas circa 2001; a facial a few years back for Mother's Day; but never, never a body wrap! I looked like a mummy but so enjoyed all the pampering! No photos of these will be posted!

We walked into town to the bakery on a regular basis; breakfasts of quiche or croissants or fresh peach pie hot from the oven with coffee in the afternoon, or just for a loaf of whole grain wheat bread. Howard is enjoying the freedom of eating whatever he wants now that he has reached and maintained his weight goal, helped, I'm sure, by running 5 miles a day in 7,000 feet altitude....Well not every day; he has to drive periodically!!

We also enjoyed a rare movie experience with "Julie & Julia" featured at the local theater. So entertaining with two true stories rolled into a great film and Meryl Streep, as always the great character actor, portraying Julia Childs to perfection!

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