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Call Guiness - A rikshaw with the biggest spoiler in the world!

And from what we have seen this is GOOD wiring!

It's all psychological! Em's posing here not ACTUALLY throwing up she told...

Em waves goodbye to Delhi.

Em woke up with a spring in her step this morning....which lasted right until the point we had the step outside the hotel room!

Delhi has been serious hard work and pretty much just agro since we have been here.

I'm sure there are cool parts of it and I'm sure there are genuinely nice people here but honestly we haven't met anyone here that hasn't been nice to us just to try and get some of our cash.

It really has spoilt this part of our trip for us a bit but.........WE SURVIVED DELHI!!!!

We were still a little bit apprehensive with our domestic Indian flight though.

We were just imagining those flights you see in films but honestly it couldn't have been nicer if it'd tried!

It was a brand new plane, no frills but far better than Sleazy jet back in the UK, and was only about a fifth full as well so it was alllllllll good!

We landed in Mumbai and had about an hour drive from the airport (in a 'cool cab' - it was like a 70's pimp mobile!) down to south of Mumbai by the fort.

It still looked too much like Indian for Em to be too pleased but it did seem 'a little' bit more civilised here.

The hotel (Manama) was ok, the room was ok (thank god for the A/C though!), but the area seem a bit scummy but still managable.

The only problem with staying in 'lower budget' hotels is obviously that either there's something not quite right with the room/hotel or with the area....but travellers can't be choosers can they!!?!

The hotel had building work going on till midnight most nights as well which was nice but hopefully we won't be here THAT long for it to matter. We shall see.....


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