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Crash - yes there is a story behind this license plate!


Now this gets a bit frustrating when I type a whole page and go to save it and find out I hit the wrong button and all my work has disappeared. Now I have to remember what I wrote and it never sounds as good the second time around! Very frustrating!

But, here goes.....

One day I am working in the office/store and along comes Tracey, one of the other workers at the campground. He proceeds to tell me a story.....

The gardening lady, Gillian, filled her water container - quite full - and then proceeded to drive the golf cart, trailer and water container to the garden. Along the way she took a corner a bit too hard - or to hear her side - she drove over a rock with one wheel. It seems that this made the water container slosh to one side and tipped the whole thing. Not just a slight tip - no - it crashed down with such force it actually dug itself into a little hole. Now Tracey being the kind and helpful person he is, offered to fix the traier hitch (bent badly), the trailer (not fixable had to find another), and he placed the water container back on trailer after all the hoses were repaired as well.

Once it was all repaired he gave it back to Gillian for her to drive around the campground watering the gardens, just as she has been doing all summer. Once we finished work Tracey asked Peter & I to take a small detour to see this cart. He said he wished he'd had his camera when the 'accident' happened because it really was quite a sight. However, he did want to show us the extra item he added just for her. A vanity license plate was attached to the back of the trailer - just for Gillian - or maybe I should call her 'Crash'?

Yes, we have worked hard many days over the summer months, but we also found time to see the humour in the small and sometimes large things that have happened. We are now into September - the last month - and some are leaving in a short while. Peter & I are also done working around the end of the month. It has been a good summer - quite enjoyable and we hope to keep in touch with our new found friends/co-workers.

Hope you have had a good summer as well, Peter & Connie

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