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Just outside one of the shops on Orcas

Original entrance to Moran State Park

Atop Mount Constitution with some of the San Juan Islands in the...

Twin lakes in Moran State Park

The cute little (closed) post office in Olga on Orcas

The outdoor performing stage in Eastsound, Orcas

The earrings I found on Orcas Island. The one in the middle...

Low tide on the Swinomish channel just outside Anacortes heading south to...

In farm fields here, thousands of snow geese can be found

So, it's been awhile since the last post but I am still a bit sick so I have not felt to inspired to write. In addition, the frustrating events of the last week have definitely not helped.

Make a long story short, the exhaust outlet part arrived and Mike installed it. Hired a mechanic to give our generator a "check up" because it still wasn't sounding right as she wanted to die at start up. This has happened off and on since right after we left Ventura. Unfortunately, we learned that the bearings and whole back end need to be replaced. At this point it is non-operational. So we have been busy with chronologies of events, emails (he said/he said as... yes it's always men), telephone calls, etc., etc.

Now that we wish to head to Canada and beyond, we sit in Laconner, WA trying to get everyone's heads together to figure out what is fair.

So last weekend we decided that we had to get off the boat (the weather has been mostly gloomy and rainy) and get away from Pandora (our generator). We took the car on the ferry to Orcas Island. You may remember we were there two weeks ago at Deer Harbor when I last wrote but we did not have a car. How unfortunate that was. It is a lovely island with about 5,000 inhabitants and some really awesome views of the Puget Sound. There is Moran Park of about 5,500 acres which was donated sometime ago when the shipping magnate that owned the land died. At the top of the park is Mount Constitution. Just breathtaking to see the San Juan Islands, Mt. Baker, the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver, Canada from such a high altitude. We hiked on a trail, about 4 miles, next to a lake and stream. It would be easy to spend lots of time there as we hear there are 30 miles of hiking trails to be explored. Definitely want to go back.

Funny story to share. At the Catholic church in LaConner about a month ago, I attended with my buddy Cathy while she and her hubby visited. The woman in front of me had on the coolest earings. After church, Cathy and I looked in every store in LaConner to find them. No joy. Two weeks ago, the woman was at church again and yes...wearing the same earrings. I took a picture (no I screwed up and hit video) and she mentioned that she gets asked all the time about them but she bought them at a little shop on Orcas Island. So, I really wanted to do a little shopping on Orcas! That may have been why we ended up there last Saturday after all. Guess what? The first store I entered, I showed the woman my video (I really felt stupid showing it) and she pointed to a shop near her that may have something like it, and bingo! I bought 3 different pairs. The shop is Kizmet in Eastsound on Orcas and she travels to Bali and Thailand for all of her goods. Really interesting woman with an awesome job. This day trip brought me happiness in spite of all the stress of late. A purchase I wish I had made was of wool from their own island sheep. If I go back I will definitely pick some up. Orcas island is now my new favorite spot in Washington just after Port Townsend.

Thursday we head to Anacortes to be nearer the mechanic. I anticipate answers tomorrow so that we can move forward with our generator situation. We were just granted an extension by the Washington revenue bureau to stay while the mechanic is working on our boat. Isn't this fun? See ya!

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