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A phone store in Livorno.

The Monday market.

In many Italian cities, there are an equal amount of cars and...

A downtown church.

A ship that was docked near us.

A big black rain cloud dumping in the direction of Pisa.

Lifeboat drill for the crew.

Pietro Francavilla and a monument to Cosimo I de'Medici, Pisa

Lungarno Bridge over the River Arno and clock tower, Pisa.

From the bridge - a rainy day!

The tiled side of the roof of the Baptistry at Pisa.

Our little trolley that we took from the bus station.

Everything leans here!


The Duomo and Cathedral at Pisa

The iron-side on the roof of the Baptistry. This area is called...

Statue of angels.

Leaning Tower of Pisa. A constant work of restoration.

The sun came out! He didn't care about all of us coming...

Recently the Tower has been fortified underground so it doesn't fall over...

The photographer is leaning...



A bird's eye view of the port.

Fortezza Vecchia in Livorno.

A new ship being built on the left and a nice lighthouse.

The ferry from Corsica.

Sunset and some dolphins.

The wind was getting up and blowing the tops off the waves.


The wind we woke up to on October 13. These 21 foot...

A pretty spectacular sunrise though!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

The ship docked at Livorno this morning at about 6:30 am. The pier is approximately two miles from Livorno itself. The port authority advised that no one is allowed to walk it due to the amount of traffic in the port itself. There were taxis and shuttles available.

Since our shore excursion wasn't until the afternoon, we took the shuttle into town and did a little walkabout. It also rained quite a bit this day but thankfully, the sun came out on the way to Pisa.

Shore Excursion - Easy Pisa - 1:45 pm to 5:15 pm

It rained for a good part of the way on the bus. When we got to the bus station, the sun came out as we got off to board our trolley. They warn you at these stops to watch your purses/wallets and also the vendors that crowd the bus. When our trolley arrived at Pisa, after a little tour through the narrow streets of town, first thing on the agenda was the WC then after that a refreshment break - beer, wine, pop included and some nice little cookies. The shop was a combination cafe and souvenir shop. We took this opportunity to do some shopping.

Then we walked down to the Field of Miracles where the Duomo, Cathedral, Baptistery and Leaning Tower are located. The roof of the Baptistery is half tiled half made of iron. It was thought that the tile would be cheaper to replace on that particular side of the dome where weather mostly hit. The Baptistery is still used today.

We met a couple on the trolley who are from Toronto and whose daughter is stationed at Esquimalt. Another example of a small world!

We returned to the ship just in time for a gathering of Canadians in the Explorers Lounge to celebrate Thanksgiving. The ship sailed at about 5:30. There was turkey in the buffet tonight!

Gracie, Italia for a wonderful time!

October 13

During the night the wind picked up a lot - a Mistral - Captain Speaking said. By morning the waves were 22 feet high. The Captain opted not to stop at Marseille because the entrance to the harbour is somewhat narrow (180 metres wide). The Captain said it would have been stupid for a big ship like ours to attempt to dock with those waves plus 50 to 70 knot winds. A bit disappointing but we didn't have a shore excursion booked there anyway. The wind calmed by early evening and things were back to normal. We should mention that with the stabilizers the ship had you couldn't feel the waves too much. When we went down to Deck 5 to the Internet Cafe however, you could really see how big they were. One actually splashed over the porthole!

We steamed on to Barcelona.

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