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Dale arrives to find a party in full swing

Catching up with friends

The sisters

The birthday boy gets first shot at the grub - much to...

The speech

A captive audience

Bob is ready to capture the gift opening

Dad and Kevin look on

The first card


Handmade gift from Sister-in-law Anick

Life Magazine, Sept 1957

A new hiking pole (or is that a cane asked the bro-in-law)

A special bottle of wine from Sister-in-law Laurie

John and Dale discuss proverbs

Dale's favorite - chocolate cake!

Dale turned 50 on Sept. 6 and we were joined at a "not much of a surprise" party by a few friends and family. The party was at Lloyd's house (Pam's Dad) and we ate,drank and were merry!

Dale really enjoyed the evening and thanks everyone for celebrating with him and for the cards and gifts! A special treat of the evening was a bottle of 1937 port that Dale's very generous sister-in-law Laurie gave him. As instructed, and very generously, Dale shared it with everyone.

Pam had come up with the perfect gift for Dale the boxing fan. She bought floor tickets for a championship fight in Las Vegas and talked Kevin into going to the match with Dale. Barb, Ian and Catherine agreed to join us in Vegas to celebrate. Unfortunately, the week before the fight the main fighter was injured and the entire card was cancelled. A real bummer but we figured a weekend in Vegas without the fight wouldn't be so bad!

Thanks again to everyone who came to the party and to Lloyd for hosting it!

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