Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Barbara, Yolanda & Moi

St. Joseph's Catholic Church




Little Richard's Piano

Timeline Mural by local artist Wilfred Stroud

"The Moses of her People"

Distaff side: After dismantling the "sick bay", I drove to Macon, GA to see some sights.

Stopped by the Medical Center of Central Georgia and had lunch and camaraderie with 2 fellow cytotechnologists, Barbara & Yolanda. Then I drove over to St. Joseph's Catholic Church, a Gothic Revival Structure constructed in 1889 to 1903. Very beautiful church. My third stop was the Tubman African American Museum. The museum is named for Harriet Tubman a runaway slave from Maryland who helped over 300 slaves escape via the Underground Railroad and she also was prominent in the Abolishonists Movement. TAAM is a very informative museum with great exhibits. Check it out at Last stop in Macon, before heading back to Griffin, was Mickey D's for a M&M McFlurry.

On the other side: I wasn't nearly as productive but I did take the camper out to the Flying J 17 miles away to dump and get water. How 'bout THAT for an exciting day. Still laying low.

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