Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Darci, Shirley and John went biking

They stopped for ice cream

Ice cream shoppe

Cute place

Another view

Where's ours huh? Where's ours?

Yes K Stone 2 is gone! May I take a pause to say WHEW. Man oh man a chevitz do they cause pain or what? Anyway, this was not as bad as our Tuscon adventure but bad enough. As I waited for the procedure the sleepy time doctor came to see me and after he was done I told him I was in great pain and needed something. He said he had just the thing and he would tell the nurse. It took 35 friggin' minutes for the nurse to come with the medicine. I was polite but to the point and said this was unacceptable as a consumer to wait this long for something so simple. Shirley had already gone out twice to see what the hold up was. Anyway, just as nurse was giving me the dose of whatever, they all came in to take me to the procedure and I was out. Everything went just as planned and now I am pain free with no more stones in either kidney. Additional meds to hopefully keep them away for good. Don't ever get them. On the road to recovery but will stay at Darci and John's thru my followup appt. next Tuesday. In the afternoon I rested but Shirley, Darci and John went biking with a stop for ice cream! Nice to be here. Enjoy the pics.

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