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Through the woods

Great roads

Lake Michigan is hiding down below in that fog

A foggy harbor

Testing the temerature of Lake Michigan - cold!

What an inviting name!

We had a few muddy roads

So pretty

This is for real!

Isn't this a great road?

Another photo of the squiggly road

Such beauty

Kayak set to go on an adventure

Upper & Lower Rangelights. Ships align the lights to enter the harbor...

So pretty

Ready for Halloween

Sister Bay, WI We spent today simply exploring back roads – seeing areas of Door County that most tourists never see. We attempted to find several county parks. We were successful for a couple but totally lost on others. Nebraska is pretty much wide open country so we can see for miles. Here we were driving on very curvy narrow roads with barely enough room for two cars to pass and were hemmed in by very tall,densely-packed trees where GPS will not work. We got lost several times, ending up in some places we had not expected (which led to meeting new, interesting people). Getting lost is not too much of a problem since the peninsula is less than 20 miles across at its widest point. There was a huge storm last night with sheets of lightning and pea-sized hail resulting in some very muddy roads but we managed just fine. Although the skies looked threatening at times today, there were no storms and we occasionally even had some sunshine. It was another good day.

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