Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

July 4th Wall Hanging

Kamloops from above

Kamloops from above

Greetings again from Kamloops, British Columbia where Ross & Marge are visiting Marge’s niece Debbie and her husband Dave. They have been having a very enjoyable visit and they have enjoyed the town of Kamloops. Dave and Debbie took Ross & Marge on a tour of Kamloops a couple of times and during one of those tours they stumbled upon a herd of big horn sheep. There are signs posted in several areas that the big horn sheep are in the area but like most of those types of warnings signs the only thing you ever see are the signs, never the actual animal.

This time it wasn’t just one solitary sheep but an entire herd of at least twenty animals. One of the sheep was on the road not 15 feet from the car and Ross was able to get several photos of that sheep as well and photos of the entire herd. (See attached photos)

The weather has been warm during the day time and cool at night. There was one relatively hot day but that too cooled off nicely after sun down.

July 1 is Canada Day, a holiday much like the July 4 holiday in the US and for much the same reason. There were a number of activities and the day was very warm and the river front was a bee hive of activity. There were vendors of all kinds, scantily clad women, and kids running everywhere. Dave drove us to a local Safeway where they purchased hot dogs, brats, and buns before heading back to motorhome for a hot dog dinner with potato salad, and fresh buns. They stopped at a liquor store and purchased some white wine and for Marge and Debbie purchased some Angry Orchard hard cider.

The town Kamloops had a fireworks show but it could not be presented until 2230 because the sun doesn’t go down here until then at this time of the year. Dave and Debbie left to go home before the fireworks since Debbie had to go to work the following day. Ross and Marge were tired so they were in bed by the time the fireworks started. And besides, the campground is 15 miles from Kamloops.

Marge purchased two wall hanging kits that are designed to celebrate July 4. She completed one while in Missoula, Montana and gave it to their friends Dave and Mary. The second wall handing she finished assembling on July 3 and she has it hanging in the motorhome behind the windshield and facing outward for anyone interested to see. A photo of her handy work is included in this journal.

Dave and Debbie are busy today with a church related function and tomorrow morning with church services as Dave is the pastor of the church. Yes Dave does talk to Ross. Sunday afternoon Dave and Debbie, Ross and Marge are going out for a farewell dinner as Ross and Marge leave on Monday morning to Kelowna, British Columbia for a couple of days where they will visit a nursing classmate of Marge’s.

There is sad note in that Debbie’s mother Doreen is critically ill in a Seattle Hospital and her prognosis is not very good. Ross and Marge are grateful for their hospitality in light of Debbie’s concern over her mother’s health.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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