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We arrived today at our location for this summer. We are going to be workamping at Timber Ridge Campground which is near Amherst, Ohio. Well, it is closer to the town of Henrietta but you probably haven't heard of that. Neither have we. We are looking forward to being in the Lake Erie area as we haven't spent any time in this area previously.

This campground used to be the Rajaland (not sure of the spelling!) which was a water park so it has some of the remnants of that in that it has a large fishing pond where you can catch and release. It also has a nice indoor pool. The owner, Eric Speith, is working to upgrade the park and their are projects going on everywhere. He is presently putting a new bath house in the area where we are located, putting a new roof on the office building, digging trenches for new electric lines as the park needs to be upgraded, and working at expanding the campground to include 50 more sites around the pond. It is a real bee-hive of activity.

Most of the campers here are seasonal and have been here for years so there won't be much registration work in the office. They use Campground Master and we'll be spending a lot of our time fixing up the records because the people using the system in the past haven't really known how to enter things correctly. Right now the records for a lot of their customers just are inaccurate because payments have been entered in the system but not to the reservation. They kind of hang out there on the customer's record but when you print out a bill many of the payments aren't there. Then they had the habit of never closing a reservation and things have been put on an old reservation instead of a new one. We'll have our work cut out for us for awhile.

The Managers seems really nice so we hope to have a good summer. The only thing is Lee has to mow our yard. Everyone mows their own here. He has always said when the grass gets to high somewhere it is time to leave. LOL Guess, we'll have to give that saying up while we are here. We'll each be working 10 hours per week in the office when we get settled but Lee will be working 20 hours the first week so that Eric can get some carpentry work completed in the pavillion. They put in a kitchen area recently and Lee and Bill (another workamper) are going to make doors for the new rest rooms in that area.

After talking to the Managers, Stan and Glenda Whittern, and getting our work schedule for the week, we headed over to our site and got set up. Then we relaxed for the evening and worked on this Trip Journal because, as usual, we are behind!

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