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Point Amour lighthouse, Neil, Lois and Frankie

Point Amour lighthouse in Labrador with Frankie

We woke up this morning to a hard rain and very windy. After breakfast at the hotel, we started driving up the coast towards Red Bay. Along the way, we saw several more icebergs and drove out a gravel road to Point Amour lighthouse. Here, the wind and rain was even worse, but we toured the lighthouse as it had period dressed guides. This is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada that you can walk to the top and out on the enclosed observation deck. We took the 124 steps to the top but our view was very limited due to the rain and fog. This lighthouse was built in the 1850’s and is still being used. From the lighthouse, we drove through heavy fog to Red Bay to see the Whaling Museum . This was a very interesting museum but we had to cut it short as we needed to get back to the ferry for a 3:30pm crossing back to Newfoundland and we would be on standby, again. We arrived at the ferry office at 2:30 and were able to get tickets, but the ferry crossing was delayed for bad winds and choppy water. As we sat in the car waiting for the ferry, we all took Dramamine as we anticipate a rough 90 minute crossing. The ferry crossing left on time at 5:00pm and the crossing was not bad at all. The drive back to the campground (about 100 miles) was a little eventful as we had supper at a restaurant at Plum Point and it was about 7:30 by the time that we actually headed for the campground. The road had a lot of graveled and repaired places, the rain was intermittent, the fog was as thick as clam chowder and the entrance to the campground is hard to locate on a clear day as it is only a small entrance on a dirt road. All of this created miserable driving conditions but we arrived at the campground around 10:30pm, very, very tired.

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