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Rikke having the time of her life flying down the dune at...

Rikke and Charlotte told me that I would have fun if they...

God they're mean.

Rikke's idea.

840 days. That is how long it took to convince Rikke to...

The entire time rikke and I have been together she has been adimant about the fact that she does not like to do things that give you a big adrenaline kick - Roller coasters, no white water rafting, and no eating competitions with me and Rick. So when she suggested we go skydiving I didn’t really take her that seriously. It turns out she was serious.

So we did a tandem jump, meaning that we were straped in to together with an experienced sky diver who knew what the hell he was doing. We flew up to 10,000 feet, jumped out and had a 30 second free fall. That part was my favourite. It was awesome to be falling out of the sky at that speed. It was also cool while the parachute was released. As for Rikke, she didn’t keep her eyes open at all during the 30 second free fall and sounded something like this, 'fucking stupid shit fuck shit fuck fuck....'. She really liked the part after the parachute was released. We both had a lot of fun though.

Earlier that day we went dune boarding. We basically slide down a sand dune at high speed on a piece of flexible plastic. Rikke and Charlottte (friend we’ve been traveling with for 4 weeks now) got bored quickly and decided I should be buried under the sand. That was the highlight of the day.

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