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My grubby foot/feet. Washin's for whimps!!!

As the title suggests today we got our Vietnamese visas.

I had been phoning the Vietnam Embassy in Delhi for 2 days with no answer so we got a Tuk-Tuk there today to try and sort them out.

We were amazed to see that the part of Dehli where the Embassies are is COMPLETELY different to the Delhi he had experienced!

It really was all greenery and tarmac'd roads, and A LOT more chilled out.

Everyone still stares but other than that it is far more pleasant.

We got to the Embassy later than we should have but luckily that let us apply for a visa. We were told if we got a month visa for vietnam it would be ready in a couple of days. As Em probably would have topped herself by then we plumbed for the 'emergency' option where it's only valid for 15 days but you get it the same day, i.e. today.

Yes please!!!

As our next flight is from Mumbai (to Vietnam) on the 10th Sept we thought that we'd get a cheap domestic flight to there ASAP and if we can either go down to GOA (on the coast) for a couple of weeks or try and change our flight from Mumbai (to Vietnam) to an earlier date.

As such we managed to book a cheap domestic flight (from Delhi to Mumbai) this evening for tomorrow thankfully so tonight is our last night in Delhi....hiding in the hotel room again!!


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