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Graceful windmills

From fields to mountains

Observing the view

Smaller lakes scatter the countryside

From the lush green fields to the bare rock mountains - such...

'Where the buffalo roam'

Yup! I'd say we are enjoying ourselves - who wouldn't - just...

Cold glacial water!

Are you talkin' to me?

Taking a walk through the town park

And we were swinging.......

Taber corn - one of many fields we passed

Entering the valley from the east

Another view of the badlands unique scenery

One hill leads to another!

Good Morning!

We met Janelle for breakfast and got caught up on the many events since our last visit a few years ago. Hard to imagine that when we met back in the early 80’s I babysat this little girl and even changed her diapers - and now here she is guarding our country’s borders! My, time does fly by quickly.

After eating she talks us into another road trip – this time Janelle drives us down to Waterton Park. Along the way we spot rows of elegant looking windmills gracefully rotating their arms in the wind. I just sat back and took photos of the unique southern Alberta landscape – from the rolling hills to the foothills of the Rockies. Each corner brought another wonderful photo op! The mountains beckoned us to continue westward back home to the ocean hiding on the other side.

However, we found we had to be content with the breathtaking views of the lake as we entered the provincial parkland. Janelle took us for a tour to a buffalo (bison) sanctuary, where the buffalo did roam freely in a very large fenced in enclosure. The signs as you enter the gate warn you to not get out of the vehicle, to not enter on a bike or motorcycle – these animals are wild and they could attack! The main herd stood off in the distance grazing on the higher grassy fields, but we were lucky to see two bison sitting and relaxing on the field close to the roadway as we drove through their land.

We continued our journey into the village of Waterton where we stopped for a huge lunch (we were all stuffed from too much food). After eating we walked off our meal as we toured the town with it’s inviting boardwalk and tame deer sitting on the Police station front lawn or meadering the town park grazing amongst the tourists. Of course while walking along the beach I had to take off my shoes and step into the glacial waters of the lake – yes, it was extremely cold!

After returning to Lethbridge Peter & I headed east towards Taber to purchase the famous Taber corn from the roadside vendors. If you have never eaten Taber corn you just don’t know what you are missing – this is the best corn – ever! After turning north we eventually approached Drumheller from a new (to us) route and realized that in the last 5+ months we have entered or exited the valley from every paved roadway possible. We can truly say that we have fulfilled our desire to tour this area and see the majority of the attractions and sights. Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable as ours. Till next time – take care, Peter & Connie

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