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Night food market

The ride from Bau to Lundu followed a nice road with little traffic, other than the occasional truck blasting past us at full speed. Riding into Lundu was great - tall vegetation right up to the road. We passed some kids diving into a swimming hole on the side - they all flashed us big smiles. We passed many locals on bikes and got very nice feelings from people right away.

Lundu is a quiet little town, which for most is a mere gateway to the Gunung Gading National Park. We stayed there for a couple of nights and enjoyed it's slow pace. We watched people (young and old) riding their old single-speeds through town. Many locals hanging out on the streets, and anywhere there was a random table with some chairs. We saw a group of old men lining up in the evening to check their lottery numbers - they must play the same numbers each time as they didn't have tickets with them. Tonnes of kids riding their bikes at night through the food market in their pajamas, while others showing off their tricks. In the morning we took time walking through the town's food market with fresh veggies, fruit and yummy rice treats on display.

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