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Alfred and Janet of NDUMC

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Betty looks great

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Stone Mtn. Lake

Practice, stroke, stroke

Duck on the pond

Sundown at Stone Mountain

THE Stone Mountain

We are deep into our doctor's appointments now and our schedule is full. Went to see the heart doc and all is good there. We visited with more folks at church which is next door to the cardiologist. Drove out to visit with our Willivee Dr. friend Betty who is in rehab at 90 and looks great. Then into Atlanta to serve a homeless ministry Shirley has been involved in since 1994. We served about 60 meals to mostly homeless men in the inner city. Then back to the campground as the rain has stopped and the sun came out. Our grand niece the softball player, won the Florida State Championship along with her teammates in the winner take all final. It rained and the game did not end until 12:35 AM. The game was on the Internet but after the last rain delay the TV guys went home. My last text from our nephew Tim was after 12:30. I wanted to congratulate Payton so a few face book posts and it was after 1! Oh, today is Don Orilio's birthday. Regular readers of this blog will know Don of Don and Jeanne our buddies. Drs, dentists, and chiropractors today for us. Enjoy the pics.

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