Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Farewell to Ryan an Rachel

Tour boat on Stone Mtn lake

Harriett and Shirley

Ena and Lidge

After seeing all our Church friends yesterday and saying farewell to Ryan and Rachel our youth pastors who are moving on we booked ourselves into Stone Mountain Park. We have a beautiful site on the lake but it has done nothing but rain so far. We were invited to dinner last night to our great friends Lidge and Ena Moore's home not far from the park. Shirley decided to make dinner at the camper and bring it over. She picked up a cooked chicken and made salad and rice a roni. When we arrived another church member Harriett Ragland was there to say hello before she left for Mother's day dinner. We talked and talked during and after dinner and had a wonderful time. Sports flash...... our grand niece Payton's fast pitch high school softball team won their semi final game last night and are going to the state championship game tonight. We watched her on the computer as the game was carried live. How exciting. Doctors appointments begin today. Enjoy the pics.

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