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Ground Squirrel taking a dust bath

Ominous Sky!

The storm is coming

Birds enjoying the winds of the storm

Chippie on the wood pile

Posing for me

Playing in our kindling pile

Our momma deer with her twins

Eating in the pine trees

The cat we rescued

Hanging out in our camp.

Maggie, one of our camper's dogs visited us.

Susan with 15 & 13 inchers

Nice 18 inch brown trout

Our little buck in our camp site


Another buck in camp

Off he goes...

...to take care of business

We've had a lot of cute critters around the campground and wanted to share. The afternoons have been bringing us thunderstorms. The sky can be beautiful one minute and ominous looking very quick like. We love a good storm!

A month ago we started seeing a cat in the campground. This was very disturbing because we don't have any homes around us. The more we thought about it, no we weren't thinking of keeping it, we knew that it wouldn't survive the harsh winter here. Twice I tried to get it to come to me, with no luck. Then a week ago, we are sitting around the campfire with new friends, Tom & Julie. The next thing we know, the cat has approached Len. It hung around the campfire with us, trying to get in our laps. What a love this cat turned out to be. It hung out around our campsite for 3 or 4 days. I couldn't stand it. We knew we couldn't keep it. I called the local vet and they referred me to the Gunnison County Animal Welfare. Long story short, our campers next to us provided us with a taxi carrier. I put a towel in the carrier and Sharon provided a bowl of cat food. The next thing we know, the cat just walked right in. It never meowed during the 18 mi trip to the vet. Len was having second thoughts and wanted to keep it. We miss Packwood, but not the cat box. Plus, we are just doing too much jet setting until the end of the year.

I cried when we left the vet. We knew we were doing the right thing, but it was so hard to say goodbye to such a sweet cat. Animal welfare called the day after to advise that he was a five year old neutered male in good health. He was placed in a foster home and they are looking for a loving home for him. A happy ending for this sweet cat!

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