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On the PATH

The new portion

Stream on the PATH

Tennis center

Community garden

Retention pond

Old waterworks ruins

Atop the ruins

At the ruins

Phylis and Hans

Grandma Jinny

Secluded campsite

Swimming beach


Out our backdoor

In the woods

We got up early yesterday and dodged a few rain drops to walk the completed PATH just up the street from our Decatur home. What a beauty and it now connects two parks and the walk through the woods is always neat. Now the path goes over the RR tracks to a completely upgraded park with picnic pavilions and two playgrounds, a tennis center and a community garden. We stopped into see two great friends. Next Door neighbor Phylis gave us a tour of her and George's new gazebo in their backyard. It is beautiful and it was great seeing her again even though George was at work. Next we dropped into our dear friend Jinny's house for a visit. She is a church friend of ours who lives by herself and is wheel chair bound. But she is the kind of person who just puts a smile on your face all the time. She actually reminds me of my paternal grandmother who was also wheel chair bound. While that is similar what is more striking was her ability to make everyone feel better after visiting her. Jinny told me she would be my grandmother years ago. So what about today's title? Well we are camping at..... wait for it....Lake Allatoona!! We are fairly close to where our youngest daughter Collins used to live in Georgia. This is a great place and only $12 a night for this corp of engineers park. And STAT can only mean one thing. It is time again for our trip statistics. Overall we have travelled 34,186 miles with 4,173 miles in year 2. We have now been gone 14 months and have spent $1297 for fuel in year 2 with a mpg of 12.97 (up from year one due to mostly flat topography). We have spent in year 2 $1307 on camping and have saved $541 with our various discount plans. We have also had 9 free nights thanks to family and friends. Our average night's stay is $19.80 ($20.79 with tax. @ $5 more a night than yr.1). And we have spent in year 2 $612 on fun activities (not including dining out) and have saved $37 with coupons, AAA etc. The weather continues to be excellent and in Georgia the highs are in the mid to upper 70's at this time. We are having so much fun and look forward to our adventures this summer and fall before returning to Florida in November?

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