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Up on the roof


Malone, Shirley and moi

Of the many things about the Atlanta area I love, the Braves are near the top of the list. It has been quite a treat to be able to listen live to the games in Griffin GA and they are 3-0 since we've been here. We did not get on the bikes yesterday since it was 88 degrees and full sun. Not very conducive for a ride. So more chores. Shirley is working in one of the bathrooms while I detailed the camper and washed the windows inside and out. Shirley also helped out cleaning the roof. Our camper is now like new and hasn't been this spiffy since we last had the time in SO CAL. John also cooked an entire dinner on the grill we gave them. Steak, chicken wings and breast were done superbly. Now he knows how to do everything on the grill. Darci is off to work, John is doing a SKYPE phone interview for a job and I am going to tackle Darci's car for cleaning and waxing. Enjoy the pics.

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