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The way to Finisterre

First glimpse of Finisterre.

Cape Finisterre in the distance

Pilgrims on the beach

Faro de Finisterre (Finisterre Lighthouse)

Picnic waiting for sunset.

Pilgrim friends


El Camino - Day 32. Day 3 - Camino de Fisterra.

Maximum elevation = 374m, minimum elevation = 0m. 2 - 14 degrees. Bluest of bluey blue skies. Cloudy at times.

Woke up to clear skies for our last day. A quick breakfast at the same bar we had dinner last night, except this time we had to walk. Then onwards to Finisterre. The first 15km was through forests of pine and eucalyptus with no village. Just a donativo drink stop half way along.

After 14km we caught our first glimpse of Finisterre before descending to the seaside village of Cee. An elderly Spanish gentleman approached us here to offer advice about the route and what to do once we reached Finisterre. We asked him to recommend a bar for coffee and he sent us to a lovely bar that gave free churros with your coffee/tea. Another 7km weaving between forests, seaside villages and views to Finisterre.

Lunch in Sardiñeiro at a bar off the beach was lovely. Then on to Finisterre 5km away. We walked about 1km of it on the beach and chose a shell each to remember our journey. Checked into our hotel and rested for an hour or so.

The final part of our journey was to go to the supermercado and buy our favourite Spanish foods for a picnic: queso, Jamón, chorizo, tomate, fresas, pan, empanada, flan, chocolate and, of course, vino.

It's a 3km walk to the Cape and lighthouse of Finisterre (Fisterra in Spanish). Once there, M found a spot on the rocks, out of the wind and we had our picnic while waiting for the sun to set (at 9.36pm!!). Old friends from the last 5 weeks appeared over the next few hours so it was an amazing evening of unexpected reunions.

A great way to finish our journey.

Today's distance = 31km

Total distance = 881.5km

Yellow VW count: S - 2, T - 1, S2 - 1 (OMG! The lads are playing our game)

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