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Carnarvon/Fascine which means"" water held back by a pile of sticks".

WA coast line

Blowhole at Quobba point.


Whale watching and eating prawn roll

Boardwalk over bay

Shark from boardwalk

Monkey Mia dolphins



Kalbarri coastline

Kalbarri coastline

Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri - Natures window

Kalbarri National Park



Kalbarri National Park

Kangaroo Paw


Monument to HMAS Sydney 11

Live lobster factory

Live lobster


Brother Scott

Hi All,

The west coast of this country has some amazing sights even if you have to travel some distance to get to them. Carnarvon didn’t really have a lot going for it but gave us the chance to slow down, top up the shopping and get the car serviced. Carnarvon is a fruit bowl and supplies 70% of WA’s vegetable needs in winter. A trip up the coast from here gave us some incredible views of the coast including seeing whales up very close to the shoreline.

From Carnarvon to Denham we stopped on a beach called Shell Beach, all tiny shells about the size of you small finger nail, billions of them, quite intriguing. Also nearby are stromatolites, living microorganisms that cluster together and look like a rock in the water. At Denham we accomplished yet another goal for the trip. We are not pub drinkers we do have one occasionally so now we have had a drink in pubs in all 4 extremities of the land. It took 6 years to accomplish that goal. Last time here we went to the famous Monkey Mia to see the dolphin feeding, last time we thought it was overrated, so this trip we thought we would give it another go, sorry it is overrated. To make amends just south of the town is a lookout/boardwalk, from which we were able to see sharks and stingrays in the shallow waters below, an incredible sight.

Next to Kalbarri to visit the national park there, beautiful views of the Murchison River can be seen from several spots. The coast at Kalbarri is also very rugged and again offers great views. The wildflowers are now really kicking in and are an amazing sight, we believe we will be seeing a lot more, it is part of the plan for the next couple of weeks for us to prowl around the wildflower areas.

Next stop was Geraldton, basically the start of civilisation after all the time in the outback, sheep, broadacre farming were now being seen and in town traffic lights, yuk traffic lights. Geraldton was a chance for us to catch up with Marco’s brother so we stayed close to him and saw him for 2 nights, a lot of fun too and great to catch up. We visited a live lobster export factory, very interesting. Also in the town there is a beautiful monument there to commemorate the loss of HMAS Sydney in WW2 with a loss of life of 645, the whole of the ship crew.

And so from Geraldton we head off chasing wildflowers as we head towards Perth.

Love and best wishes

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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