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Bike is missing

Cable has been cut

Arrow marks where I stored my bike

Not visible from the street

I knew in advance that this would be a difficult week for me. I didn’t realize how difficult.

Saturday would have been my 45th wedding anniversary with my late wife. It’s always hard getting through these annual reminders. Sigh..

A series of unfortunate events started when I brought my RV in for what, I thought, would be minor warranty repairs. After they investigated, they said it wouldn’t be easy to fix. I would need to come back to Las Vegas in two weeks to get the work done. And, it might require a third visit in January. Sigh..

I was fortunate to get an appointment with a dentist in the area. After taking x-rays and doing a full exam, she determined that my tooth couldn’t be repaired. I would need to schedule another appointment to have it extracted. Sigh..

I returned to the dental office three days later. When the oral surgeon examined my tooth, he said that, due to the complexity of the operation, I would need general anesthesia. He could not proceed because I had no one in the area to drive me home. I would have to wait until I had a nearby friend or relative who could stay with me. Sigh..

On my next to last day in Las Vegas, I had an unpleasant surprise in the morning. My eBike was missing. The tarp under which I keep my eBike was still there but the eBike wasn’t. The cable that I use to lock my eBike to my RV was still there but cleanly cut. Whoever stole it was carrying burglary tools. Nothing in my toolbox could have cut the thick cable as cleanly. The eBike had been barely visible if you were standing ten feet away. It had been completely invisible from the street. Whoever took it was obviously scouting for something to steal. Sigh..

I spend my last full day in Las Vegas filling reports at the security office of the casino where I was staying and with the metropolitan police station. I have insurance but it will not cover the full cost of the eBike. Sigh..

Las Vegas is world famous for its celebration of wealth and over indulgence. Everywhere there are rows and rows of gamblers hoping to get rich quickly. Signs all around advertise potentials for prizes and easy winnings. This city is the polar opposite of the frugal lifestyles and rejection of materialism in The Slabs. Everything about Las Vegas attracts people who want more possessions. Usually, the only way anyone gets rich fast is by stealing it from someone else. Sigh..

I don’t like being in a big city. I'm going out into the desert for a week at a place called Poverty Flats. I need to decompress!

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