Yesterday morning around 0900 Ross & Marge left the Canada West campground in Revelstoke and headed for Kamloops, British Columbia, a distance of approximately 120 miles. They did not drive the Mt. Revelstoke drive because it was raining off and on and the clouds were very low. They may make the drive back to Revelstoke sometime during their stay to make that drive if the weather is clear.

The road, Trans-Canada Hwy 1, is a relatively good road but it is two lanes for most of its length. There is project to make the portion of the highway between Kamloops and the province of Alberta all four land but that is going to be a very long and costly project. This portion of British Columbia is very mountainous with numerous large lakes that make building roads a very difficult job requiring extensive us of dynamite because of the steep mountains and granite rock.

The terrain that makes the building of roads also makes for some spectacular scenery. The mountains are capped with snow and the scenery at every turn is different. Large sections of the highway have sharp curves, steep climbs and descents so cruise control driving it not the smartest thing to do. Speed limits are primarily 90 km/hr. (55mph) with some 100 km/hr. (64mph) in the areas where the highway is relatively flat and straight.

The weather was off and on rain almost all the way to Kamloops where the rain stopped and the sun actually began shining. The weather forecast for the coming week is for sunshine and warming temperatures. Ross is looking forward to the sunny skies and Marge is looking forward to the increasing temperatures.

The directions in the Good Sam book for the Kamloops RV Park tell you to exit at Exit 390 but what is doesn’t say is that only applies if you are traveling east. There is no exit 390 when heading west. Ross discovered that too late to take the 391 exit so he had to drive to the next exit which was exit 388. That actually worked out better because there is a Flying J truck stop at Exit 388 where Ross refueled. The cost for the diesel converted to $5.26 per/gallon.

Last evening Marge’s niece Debbie and he husband David joined us for a spaghetti dinner. Debbie and Dave had just returned from a very quick to Seattle and back where Debbie’s mother is seriously ill. Marge figured they would be tired as they got home late the previous night and both had to be at work yesterday. It was good to see Debbie and Dave again and everyone enjoyed the dinner and conversation. Dave had meeting to attend yesterday evening so they had to leave shortly after dinner. This evening Ross and Marge are invited to the home for dinner.

This morning there is a farmer’s market in downtown Kamloops and Ross and Marge are planning to visit the market. Kamloops has two farmer’s markets during the summer months, one on Saturday and the other on Wednesday. It is likely that Ross and Marge will attend both. On Sunday there is a third farmer’s market and this is located immediately adjacent to the campground where they are staying, so they should be marketed out by the time they leave Kamloops on the July 7.

The Kamloops RV Park is actually about 15 miles east of downtown Kamloops immediately off of the Trans Canada. The campground is an older campground and is in fair condition. There a large number of permanents as well as seasonal residents. The roads and campsites are gravel with some grass between sites. This campground was chosen because it had full hookups with 50 amp electrical, WIFI at each site and cable TV. To their surprise the motorhome’s satellite antenna was able to lock onto the satellites so they have both systems available. The surprise was not that the satellite system was able to lock onto the satellites it was that it did so with a very steep hill at the south side of the campground.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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