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Brandon to Fort DeSoto on Mullet Key

Having an adventure with Sam & Carolyn

Lots of water fun on Tampa Bay

Staunch Great Egret standing guard in the parking lot

Mullet Key with Fort DeSoto

Guarding the entrance to Tampa Bay

Self guided tour

The guns were hidden from the waters of the Gulf

Another battery from above on the dune

Some of the Stranglers have been removed because they take over

I can see why they are called Stranglers

Huge beauty, a double Hibiscus

This red Hibiscus was practically NEON red

Soft pink single Hibiscus

White sand and aqua water

Popular beach on a Sunday afternoon

Plenty of activity on the water today

Ship entering Tampa Bay

American White Ibis hanging out at the pond

Ibis drinking and stretching

Great Egret now takes over the pond

Egret & Ibis sharing the pond

People just pull off the road and take a spot on the...

Everyone seems to find a spot to fish

Pretty blue house on stilts with a tall copula, also called a...

Nice place to live if you have a boat

Condos or Hotels on Tampa Bay

. . . and lovely houses on the water

Oh, what's this coming up ?

This is impressive, reminds me of the Royal Hawaiian (Pink Hotel)

Even the high rise buildings are pastel

St Petersburg skyline

We went on an adventure today with Sam & Carolyn. That's what we call it when we don't really know where we are going and barely have a clue, but have fun anyway. We were looking for Fort DeSoto and Carolyn thought she knew how to find it, but when we got over to St Petersburg on the peninsula we had to stop at a gas station to ask. The clerk didn't have a clue but someone else said take Hwy 19 to the end. We eventually found it.

The whole island of Mullet Key was a series of Forts and Batteries from the mid 1800's until the advent of airplanes. It was a major construction project since they had to bring everything over to the island by boat, including water. They needed lots of water to mix the cement for the concrete walls. This island was fortified to guard the entrance to Tampa Bay. To see more information, check this out.

We visited the interpretive center, and were awed by the Egrets and Ibis that were hanging out at the pond behind the building. There was even a stubborn Egret in the parking lot that was standing very straight and tall watching everyone drive past him.

There were some informative plaques around the area about the Strangler Fig Trees and there were lovely Hybiscus trees all around.

As we walked around the fort and up on the dunes, a beautiful sight came to our view. It was a pristine white sand beach and amazing blue green water of the Gulf of Mexico. I will never tire of this view. I pray that the oil spill does not reach here.

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