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We saw people carrying the most amazing things on their heads. These...

One of the "Water World" floating playgrounds. The big yellow boat brings...

The view from our pool at Coconut Beach Resort. You can see...

All blue all the time

The local beach scene on Lombongan

Prepping the seaweed after harvest

Bringing in the harvest

We're not sure what he was doing, but it was very purposeful--fluffing...

Taking a moment to pose with his load

The beach on Lombongan with Mount Batur volcano on Bali in the...

Lombongan men hangin' out with their fighting cocks

Sunset on the beach

Bringing in the day's harvest and a surfer catchin' one last wave...

A perfect end to a perfect day

After Lombok we landed in Sanur, on Bali, for a couple of days. Sanur is a smaller, less hectic version of Kuta. A small little tourist spot on the east coast of Bali, southeast of the capital Denpasar, Sanur turned out to be more of a stopover for us. We enjoyed some tasty meals and did some shopping.

Snow likes to peruse the brochure stands in airports and tourists spots to see if there are any not-to-be-missed sites or activities in the area. His searches have come up with several wonderful gems. Coconut Beach Resort on Nusa Lombongan was one of them. Lombongan Island is southeast of Bali (if you look at a map of Bali it looks like a chicken laying an egg—the head is to the northwest, the feet are an outcropping to the south. Lombongan and another, slightly larger island make up the egg. Check out a map, you'll understand). The public boat left from the beach at Sanur and an hour and a half later arrived on the beach of Lombongan. The Coconut Beach Resort is built up a hill on the west side of the bay where we arrived. Our non-A/C bungalow halfway up the hill sported an incredible view of the blue-green sea below. This view was unobstructed by glass, as we had no windows. Our privacy was secured by the bamboo slat blinds that covered half the circular bungalow. The pool looked out over the water and the seaweed farms dotting the bay. Lombongan is a popular surfing spot and several small guesthouses cater to the surf crowd. The rest of the village makes a simple living farming seaweed and providing water transport.

Out in the bay, beyond the breakwater several of the mega hotels from Bali have floating "Water World-esque" platforms with huge slides, diving and snorkeling gear, restaurants and lounge chairs. Everyday huge cruise boats from the hotels pull up for day activities in the bay, then head back to the hotels in the afternoon. Our hotel had two pools, one for day guests coming off the boats and one for hotel guests.

We spent two nights on Lombongan, which really amounted to one full day. We lounged by the pool, caught up on the US gossip with a trusty People Magazine, and enjoyed a sunset walk on the beach. We were fascinated by the activity around harvesting seaweed and all that goes into that. They seem to harvest several different kinds and do different things with each one. We wished we could have found someone with enough English to explain what they were doing. But alas, where words failed, the camera came in. More smiles for the camera.

This morning we took the early public boat back to Sanur. We have a 10:30pm flight to Brisbane, Australia this evening. We decided to take advantage of our extra day and update our last three weeks in paradise.

Next stop—Down Under!


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