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Fiona's Pack (just to give you an idea)

...and Marcel's

Snorkelling on the first day... amazing number of fish

First Scuba lesson

Come on Marcel, catch the shark

Fiona caught the lemon shark

Trumpet fish

Moorea... we cycled around the north coast for a day

Moray eel

Hey Fi, love the dodgy head wear

Moorea - Tahiti - French Polynesia

When we originally planned this trip we thought that trawling around S America would result in 2 very shattered people & that a week on the beach in Tahiti would probably ease the weariness...

Reality is, we found the whole S America thing so enjoyable and apart from the odd long bus ride or two we have been totally relaxed.

We had tried, in vain, to change our flights from Tahiti to Sydney so that we could skip the final beach week & spend about ten days or so in OZ.

After much frustration with Quantas we gave up... only to find when we arrived in Moorea, Air Tahiti would have probably let us on the flight given they operate it...

Ah well... hindsight eh?

All the same, we have had a lovely week on Moorea. The hotel is gorgeous, with perfectly finished bungalows & a great beach. The problem that strickes the Sofitel Moorea Hotel is the consistency of service & the price.

One day the service was excellent and the next it was non existent!!!

For the huge amount of money we were paying we did expect rather more. :-(

The one redeeming factor was that the hotel has a first rate dive school & a first rate instructor, Philip.

So we took 4 dives, some taking us as deep as 24m. Fiona has taken to this much easier that Marcel. We both successfully learnt to remove & replace the regulator underwater & assist with buddy breathing. However, Marcel could not master the mask removal...

Marcel may well stick to aeroplanes & Fiona to the deep...

So on leaving Moorea we are on our way home... Next stop Sydney for one day & then London.

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