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Kaikoura high street. Manic.

On the way to Picton we see Seals resting after their feeding...

More of those fat seals. They need to go on a diet...

The coast heading up towards Picton - South Island.

The impressive decor of 'The Villa' in Picton. Helen gets down to...

The entrance to The Villa - Chaos as people are checking out.

Some of the hostels are very friendly!

Yay! Free tea and coffee!

The sun area in The Villa in Picton, South Island.

The outside of The Villa

Driver of the 'Magic Bus' (competitor of stray, know to us as...

Picton Ferry Port as we wait for our bus to come off...

The Picton Ferry - which connects the North Island to the South...

Hey folks and welcome to Picton on the South Island. Today was the coldest day we've been through yet. Temperatures were about 5C but in the end we were fine. The hostel we stayed at supplied blankets.

Once we got off the STRAY bus at Picton ferry terminal we were picked up by the shuttle bus from the hostel. The hostel we stayed at was 'The Villa', which seemed a bit pricey at $23 each for a dorm. We then had to PAY another $2 each for linen, so it ended up being $50 in total. Not chuffed. You can get a twin for that in other areas. Saying that, the hostel was very impressive, with excellant free apple crumble with ice-cream and a free breakfast. There was also free milk, tea and coffee, so not so bad.

Picton itself is no bigger than Marazion (pop. about 5000?). The high street is small and there are few shops, although we did find a cafe that put together an excellant all day fried breakfast (Took Gareth back to his lunchtimes at 'The House of Edward Bear' cafe with Nikki and co in Tiverton!!). The whole town seems to rotate around the ferry that comes in from the North Island, which comes in about 12pm. The whole area comes alive then, as all the buses and trains terminate just before that time.

Onwards, we are in Nelson on Sunday and then we head down the west coast all the way to Invercargill. Lots to do... including knife making (!!??!!?) in the next few days! Also heading up to Abel Tasman National Park, which should be cool... might engage in some Kayaking, might not. Depends on temperature! Trying to find somewhere to upload photos but the internet cafes round here don't seem to have USB. It's not rocket science is it folks???

A lot of the internet cafes have been really slow to jump on the 'flash memory upload' scene, so we are lucky that we have our little 'Compact Flash ---> USB' adapter. It only works on Windows 2000 or XP though, and a lot of the PCs don't let you get to My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Another grim thing is that you find lots of old men looking at filth in the internet cafes! For god's sake! Take it home old man! Get a modem!

See you in Nelson!

Lots of Love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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